Hi! We're Tim and Britt MacLeod, the owners of MacLeod Shoppe and MacLeod Homes, which is our Interior design firm located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. MacLeod Homes may have been born in the middle of a pandemic, but Tim and Britt's love for great design and home decor goes way back. We always knew that someday we would have our own shoppe, so it wasn't long after we launched MacLeod Homes that we were brainstorming and dreaming about an online retail store. As we began designing and decorating our clients homes and even during the renovation of our own home, we realized we were quite limited to unique and quality home decor items in our small town. This discovery lead us to the launch of MacLeod Shoppe much sooner than we anticipated, but here we are, and we're so excited you're here.

Our mission is to bring peace and calm to your home with our unique and curated home decor pieces.

Our vision is to make great design accessible to everyone.