It wasn't long after we started our design business that we had a stirring to launch an online retail shoppe! Fast forward a year later and here we are!


As much as I loved photography, I didn't feel that it was in alignment with where we saw our future. Tim was working in real estate, and ever my supporter, pushed me to quit, and start a design business. He lined up a client, so we launched the business right after that!

bought the church

Just down the road from our home, sits the most beautiful church which was built in the late 1800s. Tim walked down the street, knocked on the door and asked if we could buy it. Long story short, they said yes.

our first home

We bought an old farmhouse, and boy did she need a lot of work. We spent the next two years bringing it back to life. Throughout this process, we realized how much passion we had for this industry. This was when the idea of opening a design business started brewing in the back of our minds.

Homeward bound

In true Cape Breton fashion, we never quite felt at home anywhere else. Once we decided to grow our family, there was only one place we wanted to be, so packed everything up and moved back to Cape Breton.

moved to ontario

We packed up our life, and moved to Ontario. Britt started her photography business this year, and Tim was a financial advisor.

engaged & married

Tim took me out to Seal Island Bridge, (near where we went to camp) and popped the question. I said yes, duh. It didn't take us long to plan the wedding and tie the knot within the same year. When ya know ya know, ya know?

The first real date

There were many years between our first encounter and when we actually started dating. Facebook brought us together and we started talking on the phone because Tim had moved to Ontario. One day he said "can I be your date to prom?". The next thing I knew, he was driving across the country in his parents car to be my date - for real this time. He never actually went back to Ontario.

when we first met

At eight years old, we met at Cape Breton Bible Camp. The first year, our camp counsellor asked me "would you go to the banquet with Timmy?". I said yes, the rest was history. Kind of. Can you spot us in this photo?

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